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Did you just read FREE?

Hey It’s TYLER & Here’s A Few Quick Pages I Put Together To Get You ’In The Loop’ About The New FREE TOUR Running In Cities All Over The World

(And Most Likely Coming To Or Near YOUR Town)

This is one of the craziest things I’ve done in my life, so have a read down this page and I’ll give you the scoop.

A few years ago Nick (Papa of RSD) and I got the idea to create a totally free program that would allow you to experience a Real Social Dynamics live event no matter where you lived in the world.

The stated goals for this program were the following’:

To fill your head with so many bleeding edge ’RSD in house secrets’ on success with girls, social dynamics, and self actualization that you left with your head spinning in disbelief.

(Ideally unable to sleep properly, and feeling like you’re going to vomit’in a good way!)

To entertain you, shock you, amuse you, and basically just make it the wildest ’blast dose’ of learning you’ve ever experienced.

To leave you with significant and tangible improvements in your life, so that you could look back at the Free Tour event you attended as something that was valuable and profound.

Now to run a tour of this magnitude was like solving a puzzle of transportation, time, budgeting, and logistics, because we wanted hit every major city in the world.

But that’s exactly what we did!

Within 2 years we successfully ran RSD Free Tour events in over 260 cities in 75 countries, which was nearly every major ’developed’ city that exists and isn’t a crazy war zone.

Personally I was amazed to see Nick (Papa) and the team pull this off, and as I read the pile of raving reviews I secretly wished I could be traveling on the road doing the Free Tour events as well.

(It was simply a lack of time and having a family at home that prevented me from getting involved.)

Well finally after years of wanting to do it, last Spring I was able to start up on a Free Tour of my own, and designed a new curriculum of our best content, exercises, and infield video footage to BLOW PEOPLE AWAY at the free event.

I then travelled to several cities a month and focused on making every event better and crazier and more intense. The reviews were super enthusiastic as I exerted a lot of effort into it, and the event grew into something powerful for students and me personally.

Well finally this month, after all the crazy work that went into building the ultimate free event, I ran out of cities and was honestly feeling bummed out about it’

So I decided to create a
Free Tour PART 3!!

This was a big decision as it means leaving my newborn son back in Los Angeles for periods of time, but I felt so strongly about the awesomeness of this program that I wanted to do a final series of events.

That being the case, I’ve recently added a FINAL FULL YEAR of Free Tour events, and the Free Tour will basically be my full focus for the entire coming year of my life.

My goal is to make this the craziest thing I’ve ever done. EPIC.

I’ve committed to every event possible within proximity to me, and then to allow people in Europe and Canada to get in on the action, I’ve also arranged for the exact same Free Tour 3 curriculum to be taught by other big name instructors (Madison, Derek, Luke, EV, Maze, Jeffy, Papa, Ozzie, Max, and Julien).

(These guys are absolutely awesome. I’ve brought them into my inner circle for important reasons ’ they’re the best of the best, and inspirational to everyone they meet.)

The dates are listed as follows, so check right now to see if your city (or one you’d like to visit) has made ’The List’.

The Free Tour is about YOU and YOUR EXPERIENCE.

It’s my own personal challenge to educate you, entertain you, mess with you, and reveal secrets to you that will change your life forever, as much as is possible by the laws of physics within the few hours that I have.

To do this I unleash an arsenal of tools onto your vulnerable brain’and TRANSFORM IT.

That means giving you the best that I have within a few hours’

  1. My latest ’seminar material’ which means the EXACT new paradigms I’ve gained from the past year of traveling the world, meeting with people on Free Tours, watching videos of myself at Hot Seat events, and running Bootcamps (I’ve learned more this past year than any year of my life).
  2. My most recent hidden camera infield video footage, to open your eyes to what’s possible when you’ve been doing this for nearly a decade, and reveal how to get the same results in much less time.
  3. Personalized ’Question & Answer’ periods to provide breakthrough-epiphanies for your most frustrating challenges in particular.
  4. (And finally, a bunch of ’secret sauce’ I’ve built into this event I’m not going to reveal, but is designed to shock you into changing the way you think PERMANENTLY. This is the magic I’ve been able to learn from years of teaching you this important set of ideas.)

The past decade of my life has been devoted to nothing but the study of how regular guys (like YOU) can become EXCEPTIONAL at getting girls.

It’s lead me in many fascinating directions that I never would have expected when I got into it, and down into many rabbit holes that I never knew could exist.

This Free Tour is about OPENING YOUR EYES to these astonishing insights, and whether you’re new, intermediate, or ragingly advanced, to send you out that same night armed with powerful tools that will make an immediate difference in your results.

So here are the themes and
focuses of what I’ll be revealing to you
at the Free Event’

2011 was absolutely insane.

I was out ’in the field’ around 7 nights a week, taught Bootcamps nearly every weekend, and watched full days of ’infield footage’ of myself during my Hot Seat events at least twice a month.

Basically it was ’pickup, pickup, pickup’’ Totally unbalanced, I’ve never been AROUND this much social interaction in my entire life.

(Reading this from home it’s probably hard to envision how much time we’re talking about here ’ I spend more time either picking up girls or teaching it than most people spend working or sleeping.)

My reason for doing this was that I wanted my final years focused on ’the game’ to reveal the insights that only a seasoned veteran could comprehend.

I wanted to gain those ’mastery level insights’ and then leave behind some truly amazing insights for you, before I shifted my focus into teaching self-help (as I’ve hinted at for a while now).

My goal has been to take what’s appears complicated and make it SIMPLE for you. To take concepts that you’ve heard but never truly understood and make them hit harder at the core.

Then from there, I’ve focused on revealing my newest insights to you. All sorts of nonsense I’ve been up to, including many new secrets that will leave you absolutely shocked.

A few off the top of my head’

For awkward newbies:

How you can balance ’intent’ and ’freedom from outcome’ to approach with hardcore intensity and make a crazy impression (especially on ’perfect 10’s’) while maintaining higher value because you don’t care. (Not just the theory behind it which you may already know, but literally HOW EVEN AN IDIOT CAN EASILY APPLY IT TODAY).

For intermediate dudes trying to
reach the next level:

For intermediate dudes trying to reach the next level: How to guarantee you’ll ’hit state’ at some point during the night with 100% consistency, even if you’re burnt out from working during the week.

(Hint: You’re ALREADY as good as the advanced guys on your best night, the key to becoming ’the man’ is being this guy ALL THE TIME. I’ll reveal simple and absurdly effective tools you’ve never considered.)

For snobby advanced who think they
’know it all’:

How to use a new type of ’humor’ to shock the crap out of the hottest girls specifically, so that you appear on the level of rich movie producers and strip club owners. (This is by far the most ’hardcore’ insight I’ve had in the game ’ and it’s NOT ’cocky’ or even ’playful’. Mastery of this is the single difference I’ve personally encountered between guys who are awesome and THE BEST.)

Honestly I’m barely scratching the surface here, and again these are off the top of my head.

The Free Tour is such a wild and unpredictable beast ’ it can go in so many different directions. I have a hard-hitting skeleton of what I’ll teach you going in, and then amp it up over several hours until it’s taken a life of its own.

Lock Down Your Seat At The Free Tour Right
Now While It’s Hot On Your Mind’

To run these events, Nick (Papa) and I have fun ’getting our acts together’ to nail down the airfare, accommodations, and hotel conference room rentals in the cities all over the world.

(We both love the Free Tour because it’s a massive rush, and the audience is always so psyched up after the event. So it’s definitely worth the hassle.)

On your end, THE ONLY THING we need you to do is let us know you’re coming by signing up.

To do this, register through the sign up link and enter your information. Your debit card or credit card will be charged a $47 refundable deposit, which will be refunded after you attend the workshop when you email support@realsocialdynamics.com with your request.

This allows us to better forecast how many people will be attending, and to give us an idea of the size of the room we need to rent for the Free Event in your town.

Free Tour is a wildly popular event because of the effect is has on the people who attend, and I’m very psyched for you to experience it!

Do NOT become a victim of procrastination, and be like ’Fuuuuuu’.forgot to sign up, and I spent the night wacking off.’

(Which can be fun as well, but you can STILL do it after the event is done. I’ve actually considered making the slogan: ’RSD Free Tour: You can still wack off, just a few hours later’’)

It’s crazy how many freaked out emails I get from dummies who saw this page and forgot to ACTUALLY SIGN UP. Do not be one of them.

Show that monkey-brain whose boss and TAKE CONTROL.

Reserve your spot for the Free Tour and sign up right now, and then you can lay back and anticipate the event.

You’ll be glad you did! And I’ll see you at the tour!!

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Did you just read FREE?

USA November 21, 2019: Las Vegas, NV, USA (7pm-10pm)
 November 21, 2019: New York City, New York, USA (7pm - 10pm)
 December 4, 2019: Miami, Florida, USA (7pm - 10pm)
 December 18, 2019: San Francisco, CA, USA (7pm - 10pm)
 January 9 - 12, 2020: Chicago, IL, USA (7pm - 10pm)
 January 22, 2020: Los Angeles, CA, USA (7pm - 10pm)
 January 30, 2020: Atlanta, GA, USA (7pm - 10pm)
 January 30, 2020: Austin, TX, USA (7pm - 10pm)
 February 4, 2020: Chicago, IL, USA (7pm - 10pm)
 February 5, 2020: Washington DC, USA (7pm - 10pm)
 February 6, 2020: San Francisco, CA, USA (7pm - 10pm)
 March 11, 2020: San Francisco, CA, USA (7pm - 10pm)
 March 26, 2020: Austin, Texas, USA (7pm - 10pm)
 March 26, 2020: San Diego, CA, USA (7pm - 10pm)
 April 2, 2020: Miami, FL, USA ( 7pm - 10pm)
 April 2 - 5, 2020: Los Angeles, CA, USA (7pm - 10pm)
 April 2, 2020: Dallas, TX, USA (7pm - 10pm)
 April 30, 2020: Houston, TX, USA (7pm - 10pm)
 April 22, 2020: New York, NY, USA (7pm - 10pm)
 April 22, 2020: Los Angeles, CA, USA (7pm - 10pm)
 May 14, 2020: Minneapolis, MN, USA (7pm - 10pm)
 May 14 - 17, 2020: New York, NY, USA (7pm - 10pm)
 May 27, 2020: Chicago, IL, USA (7pm - 10pm)
 June 10, 2020: San Francisco, California, USA (7pm - 10pm)
 June 25, 2020: Denver, CO, USA (7pm - 10pm)
 July 23, 2020: Boston, MA, USA
 August 20, 2020: Los Angeles, CA, USA (7pm - 10pm)

CANADA November 21, 2019: Toronto, ON, Canada (7pm - 10pm)
 November 28, 2019: Montreal, Canada (7pm - 10pm)
 December 5, 2019: Vancouver, BC, Canada (7pm - 10pm)
 January 2, 2020: Toronto, ON, Canada (7pm - 10pm)
 April 1, 2020: Vancouver, BC, Canada (7pm - 10pm)

WESTERN EUROPE January 2, 2020: Frankfurt, Germany (7pm - 10pm)
 June 17, 2020: Amsterdam, Netherlands (7pm - 10pm)
 July 2, 2020: Madrid, Spain (7pm - 10pm)

EASTERN EUROPE January 16, 2020: Prague, Czech Republic (7pm - 10pm)
 June 18, 2020: Budapest, Hungary (7pm - 10pm)
 June 25, 2020: Prague, Czech Republic (7pm - 10pm)

NORDIC EUROPE January 9, 2020: Oslo, Norway (7pm - 10pm)
 June 11, 2020: Stockholm, Sweden (7pm - 10pm)
 June 25, 2020: Oslo, Norway (7pm - 10pm)

AUSTRALIA / NZ / OCEANIA January 9, 2020: Perth, Australia (7pm-10pm)
 January 16, 2020: Sydney, NSW, Australia (7pm - 10pm)
 January 22, 2020: Melbourne, VIC, Australia (7pm - 10pm)
 January 30, 2020: Brisbane, QLD, Australia (7pm - 10pm)
 May 14, 2020: Melbourne, VIC, Australia (7pm - 10pm)

AFRICA / ASIA / MIDDLE EAST / LATIN AMERICA November 27, 2019: Singapore, Singapore (7pm-10pm)
 April 9, 2020: Hong Kong, Hong Kong (7pm - 10pm)
 April 16, 2020: Bangkok, Thailand (7pm - 10pm)


Unedited experiences of attendees

Last Thursday, I was faced with an important decision. I'd seen Avatar in December, but really wanted to see it again before it was out of theaters. March 25 would be the last day it was in 3D in San Diego.

At the same time, my friend Blake gave me a call letting me know that Tyler would be in town for the free tour, and playing in-field footage.

Which do I pick? On one hand, I'd seen Avatar before. On the other hand, I'd seen Tyler before. On one hand, Tyler coming to San Diego is a rare experience. On the other hand, Avatar on the big screen in 3D would not likely be repeated again.

I ended up deciding to go see Tyler. It didn't help my confidence that in his introduction, he said "This 2 hour presentation is kind of like a movie. Not as good as Avatar, though." Asshole.

Tyler started off with giving us a "brain dump." It was kind of like the format of a random Eckhart Tolle speech. Whatever current epiphanies are swirling in his mind, he lets out in an unscripted, note-free monologue.

If I had it my way, there'd be a bi-weekly, if not weekly, podcast of just Tyler speaking into a mic saying whatever is on his mind, even if it's while he's stuck in traffic in downtown LA. "The man beeping his horn is projecting to the world his nimbus deficit and asking for validation to know that's normal in traffic." Anything, man. Anything.

It's possible that some of the ivory tower suits in the RSD Corporate Headquarters (72nd floor of U.S. Bank Tower, if you were wondering) think that we'd get bored of ongoing Tyler-speak if he gave us updates on his mindframe all the time.

I beg to disagree.

But we gotta work with the hand we're dealt, so I took as many notes as I could for the limited time we had. He started off with a National Geographic video of baboons bullying each other. My first thought was, "Hey, I came to see Tyler, not a bunch of primates amogging each other," but it really tied into the subject at hand, so I was glad.

For the next forty minutes or so, Tyler went into talks about the Dark Ages of humanity (400-1200AD or so), and how they affect us still today. He spoke of how we resist change from anything we're used to, even if it's painful.

A lot of what he said I'd heard before in another format, but it just sunk in a lot better. It's my belief that most of what works, in any sense, we've come across in some way, but it didn't "click."

We all know not to care about what other people think of you, but how many of us live it? If you understand the concept intellectually, you've internalized it maybe 10%. If you understand the concept and actually believe it, then maybe 20%. Once you admit "This is so true but my heart and body keep telling me otherwise no matter how much I say it," it's maybe 30%.

It keeps going until you're living it and it's not even a belief anymore, it's simply an understanding. You know approval from strangers doesn't matter just as you know the grass is green and the sky is blue.

When you hear Tyler explain something in a new way, especially after he's experienced some new things, you get it to "click" in maybe 10-15% more at a time. It just resonates stronger, and you can apply it to your life. This is why if you have the opportunity to hear him speak in your area (especially for free), you should definitely take it.

After his speech, he moved into showing his in-field videos.

I'll be honest. I was more than a little skeptical about how these would look, given A) Most in-field videos are shit, B) Tyler's been in a relationship for quite a while.

Within minutes, I was floored.

He began with a clip of him catcalling a hot brunette that had stepped into a cab, and was about to close the car door.

He took her by the hand and led her away from the cab, quickly switching to some intense body-to body kino, ending up with him picking her up and her wrapping her legs around him. He started walking into an alley behind the building, and that's where the clip ended.

If there's one recurring theme in the footage, it's that women seem to have some compulsion to wrap their legs around Tyler. I don't know how he does it but it seems to happen in almost every clip, whether she's by herself, with friends, or in a mixed set.

An interesting thing was his weight fluctuations between the videos. In some, he was fairly skinny, and in others he was over 200 pounds, with a waist size over 40. I don't know if it was intentional, but a take home message for me was that while building a muscular physique is a good idea, it is clearly NOT crucial for pickup.

Another aspect of the videos that blew me away was the amogging. Back in 2004, when I first met Tyler, I got to witness him blowing a lot of dudes out of set and tooling them, all with his wicked comebacks and backturns.

Does he still have it?

His amogging today is not as funny as it was back in the Project Hollywood days, but it's ten times more vicious. Tyler's 2004 amogging was like a Rey Mysterio wrestling match, with him doing flips in the ring and dropkicking larger opponents as if they were rag dolls. Tyler's 2010 amogging is closer to a smile and then swift knife thrust into the stomach, as the other guy almost invisibly lays on the ground bleeding, with no one taking notice as he sobs in pain.

When Tyler sees a girl he wants with a guy she came with, be it a date or someone she just met, instead of verbally roasting the guy, he just cuts him out of the picture and gets sexual with her right in front of him. He might bait him into qualifying himself to lose the girl's interest, but it never really looks intentional.

While the amogging stuff is impressive to watch, it's all a manifestation of his mindframe right now, not something you could really copy. When I talked to Tyler, he said he didn't even realize what was going on when he was decimating the poor soul he was taking the girl from.

We also got to see some cool videos of his students in action on bootcamp. In one video, a short Asian guy, who made Tyler look tall, was being silently coached by Tyler in kinoing her. Tyler stood behind the girl and made hand motions, which the Asian guy mirrored to bring the girl closer to him. Then Tyler motioned for him to kiss her and this little Asian guy is now making out with this hot blonde who's likely taller than him. It was very surreal to watch, as if Tyler was a ghost in the club that no one else could see.

Anyway, I highly, HIGHLY recommend you go to the RSD Free Tour in your area. This is not to be missed. And now that Avatar's gone, there really is no excuse.


I thought this would have been just for people who had just stumbled across the RSD website, and didn't know what the company was. Wrong. The Free Tour was not only a great warmup for the Hotseat two days later, but was great in itself.

What makes Tyler special is not just that he is very patient and great at helping you understand, but that he cares that you actually take what he teaches and use it that night. Not when you get around to it. Right away. He knows that there is a novelty to learning something new, but that it will be forgotten if not used right away. He touched on physical game in the free tour, which I used that night at MJQ Concourse in Atlanta.

I came close to extracting one back to my hotel, but got cock-blocked by her logistics. I got two kiss closes and one triple kiss (me and two girls). Great night. If you've read my other posts, I've been using way too much verbal game in the text message transcripts of my lay reports. In other words, I've been always focused on having a better answer. Instead, I should have side-stepped it verbally with something like "You're so funny, come here!" and done something physical, if I had not done so already.

Also, the location of this Free Tour and Hot Seat at the Westin Peachtree Hotel in downtown Atlanta tells you loud and clear that RSD is a first-class company. If you go to an RSD event it will be in a bitchin' location. If you go to a competitor's event, it will be at some lame hotel near an airport. And the competitors' books will be e-books (terrified of overhead).

Diamondog (RSD Nation):

The Free Tour event was an awesome way to start off the bootcamp. I met some people from the Atlanta scene while we waited for Owen to get the set-up going. Owen is an amazing public speaker, and, in person, he acts exactly like he does in the video content he posts. Owen has multiple dimensions to his personality; he can come off as chilled out, overly dramatic, super-psyched, or incredibly intellectual. In fact, in case you didn’t realize this, the way that Owen presents information in the Free Tour (and Blueprint/Foundations) is exactly the same way he fluff-talks girls and mixed sets

I would go as far as to say that you CANNOT learn everything he knows by simply reading his material (as awesome as it is). Just like children learn from how their parents ACT and not what they SAY, there is a certain magic to watching him in action. I am positive that this is why the instructor system RSD has in place works so well’it’s not so much the content of the information as the example the instructors set.

In short, if you’re reading this post and have prior knowledge of a Free Tour event, you are fucking stupid if you don’t attend. I don’t care if you’re a hater and think that Owen is the fucking devil because he tooled some semi-famous dude in a super-biased best-seller novel’these guys are amazing with women, and, FOR THAT REASON ALONE, you should make an effort to see them in person.

Kyle S.

I just came from the Free Tour, it was a really awesome experience. I finally got to meet Papa and Tyler, who are basically guys I have been reading about for the last year, so is great to see them in person. It's like reading a novel and then meeting the guys in the novel in person.

Since I got there I noticed how Owen have changed (he is always a different person, LOL). He have lost so much weight is crazy how people change, he really showed me right there from the start that one of my biggest limiting beliefs (losing weight) is bushit and that it is possible to make it happen.

He was really tired, like you can tell he have been touring. His vibe was very chill, kind of the vibe someone that is on weed will give you, except that Owen is centered, mature, plain cool, and doesn't do drugs at all.

I actually have met many rock stars from bands from Europe that travel around the world, guys that have groupies and fans and go to a new city every year. Well, to me Owen has this vibe. If you see him today as he is, you will think he is someone famous from a band that goes around the world because that's the vibe he currently displays regardless of his lack of sleep.

Papa is very funny, you can tell immediately that he is a high value guy and is a pleasure to listen his stuff because he makes game looks so easy, like something made for kids. He also showed us some mistakes guys make in the field in a way that they look so painful (and funny at the same time) that it makes you not to want to do the same mistakes ever again, like for example how ridiculous it looks for a 6'4" tall guy to be frightened to talk to a 5'4" skinny girl, haha.

Then Nick had to leave for business and Tyler went on and started speaking. From the start he was nailing it. He was talking to the whole audience, but the way TD talks makes it feel as if everything he says is addressed to you personally, I'm sure many felt this way. He went through stuff like will power and even existentialism. Deep stuff I never heard from him ever before.

His mind is amazing, like you can tell he was just being spontaneous and the content was still profound and with many details that are pure gold after gold. I think the most mesmerizing phrase I got from him is will power is you. To my understanding he was referring to this as the only thing that can actually separate your identity from just being a biological robot.

He also went over other cool stuff like his frustration of how you can give your heart to change someone and still see how they don't do anything with it. He also talked about the importance of purpose in your life and how is the only thing that will keep you in alignment to take the actions that are required from yourself to put into what you're striving for.

Happiness becomes real from being who you want to be. Most people get depressed because they are not who they want to be when deep inside they know they can become that person, they simply get caught up in the everyday shit that comes in their way, like television, Internet, etc.. People that is a little bit older will often lose the momentum to make it happen and this is why is better to do it at a younger age, but it is still available for everyone that wants it.

Owen proceeded to change the topic more into his passion which is pickup and he went deeply into where he was coming from and how this shit is really possible for everybody. He not only talked about it, he proved by showing us some infield videos that will blow many guys mind. Really breaking the matrix and picking up some super fucking smoking top hot flying honeys HB10s that you will think these girls will not give him the time of the day and he will still get them. There was a model he was hardly trying to lift on the air, a total beauty, he was shorter and he didn't even had the strength to lift her properly, but the girl was still happy to be picked up.

Tyler even took the time to address briefly many of the limiting beliefs we all have. He really has the certainty that we are all cut from the same cloth when it comes to this and he also went and proved with more clips, very awesome stuff. We also did some exercises with which we immediately learned how we are always trying to keep our current state thinking there is no way out, when in reality is just physiology messing with our heads when we have the power to change it instantly.

He also shared the two core things that makes us have success with girls which is first chilliness (unreactiveness) and second projecting our personality outwardly. Because many times we get caught up in our state loops, we always fail in the second one and we block ourselves from getting the girl.

Of course everything that I have put here is probably only 5% of the massive value Tyler shared and the value of just being around him. He did show us some crazy tricks about how to handle hardcore situations in clubs, how to be prepared for the worst and so many other priceless things that he simply shared because that's how he is, a guy that gives value no matter what.

After everything ended I got many wings data and head out to the field. Me and 2 other guys went to this club where I couldn't got into because I forgot my ID. They got in but I couldn't passed the bouncer. Lucky me there was a cute girl outside waiting for her friends. I approached and asked her for directions and she offered me to walk me.

Her friends came out and we all head up on the street to the metro. One of her friends took the lead and took the opportunity to invite me for some coffee at a donuts place. I can see the value of living in a city, just by walking down the street I saw all the hot girls that are available just passing by me, it is crazy not to have abundance mentality in that type of environment. In the suburbs you just don't get that.

So I was feeling really good walking with 3 girls I just met and having them all being really cool around me. I noticed the more the time passed the more they will speak up and qualify themselves. It is crazy, they will even get nervous and try to come up with cool things to say. It was mind blowing to me because is like flipping the script without even trying. They were even telling me about how they had travel to all these places, etc..

One girl took off and I got into the metro with the other two. One had to take a different train so I kissed her good bye. She didn't care at all and I felt she liked it a lot that I did that. Then I was alone with the other one for the rest of the way, it's crazy she was still qualifying. She had to stop before my stop, so before she left I knew she was also expecting a kiss like the one I gave her friend so I just went and kissed her too. She was talking me about church and other stuff before this, so I lost balls to ask her to stay in her place, so after the kiss she walked out on her stop looking back to me. I didn't feel pain this time.

I'm now back at my house really happy that I made the decision of calling out from work and having this amazing experience I'm sharing with you guys here on RSDNation.

VisionDivine (RSD Nation)

I arrive in New York and head towards the RSD free tour. I have been avoiding the thought about actually approaching by daydreaming and just distracting myself with other thoughts. I meet Papa at the entrance and he seems very cool, was a bit surprised. Not sure what I was expecting, but surprised nether less. The guys that show up to the free tour seem normal, surprised yet again.

The free tour soon begins, and Tyler goes over some quick basic concepts and about RSD. Then he goes into detail about freedom of outcome, intent, buyer/seller frame, momentum, warm up sets, state transference, and shows some cool videos demonstrating some concepts. I take no notes and just focus on listening. This is the first time I seen Tyler talk in person, you can really feel the energy as he talks.

Linuxnewb (RSD Nation)

Started off with the Free Tour. Great event to meet like minded individuals, and people to game with in your area. Your learn a few things, get to meet some personal Heros, while having a few laughs, and gaining a foundation to push yourself.

dlatosze (RSD Nation)

Just got home from the free tour. Pretty damn cool stuff. I can recommend anyone to go there. Papa is a cool fella and his stories are inspiring. Nathan joined in a little bit later, he's smaller than I imagined from the website, lol. Really cool guy, answered a bunch of my questions. The guys were just really friendly and happy to inform us. The workshop took almost 3 hours instead of 2. I met a bunch of other cool guys there which I went out with later on. I'm too tired right now to do a full write up of the night but we had a good time.

They showed some in-field footage of instructors in action and footage from bootcamps. I can conclude that Tyler is one crazy mofo. I never really saw the guy in action until now, and man, some of the stuff he pulls off is downright fucking crazy. It was really an eye-opener for me. I was like "Wow. So that sorta shit IS actually possible". You know, you hear him talking about it and you read stuff about it, but seeing it just changes the whole experience. Your brain just can't deny what your eyes see. I gotta say it did change my perspective on things seeing this. Also some footage of a bootcamp with Jeffy was interesting to see. That guy doesn't fuck around, lol. Also some hilarious shit from students opening girls on escalators.

The main message that we all got in the end was the one we already knew: go out in the field, it's the only way. I went in there unbiased. I can definitely conclude that that the free tour kicks ass. The fact that you're meeting new buddies with the same mindset to go out with makes it worth it. Thanks again Papa and Nathan!

Snowdog (RSD Nation)